Friday, February 27, 2009

Papa's Got A Somewhat Used Bag

I am not a fan of memes. I am, however, a fan of blog posts that require little to no work on my part. Thus, I have chosen to accept the tag of the lovely and talented Cora from Love Letters By Cora and participate in the Bag Meme.

This meme asks you to post a picture of the purse, backpack, briefcase, bindle or other bag that you carry around each day, and also a picture of the contents.

This is my bag. It's a black backpack that was regifted to me a few years ago by my then-boss. It was a Christmas gift to him from the company, and he didn't want it. It saved him the bother of actually getting me anything for Christmas, cheap bastard. Truth be told though, it gets much more use than anything he would have picked out for me. The best feature is a padded slot (huh huh) inside that snugly holds a laptop.

Inside I have nothing exciting. I wish I could say that I held back from showing you the juicy stuff, but that would have been a lie. This is everything. My laptop computer, my work binder, my Photoshop manual, my checkbook, my copy of The Onion, my work I.D., my black shades, my Shine A Light DVD, my tin of Itchy & Scratchy mints, and a pile of bills.

If MTV ever does a spinoff of Cribs called Bagz, I will not be featured.

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Dr Zibbs said...

I love that you have the printed version of The Onion. Where does one get the print version?

That's also a dream job of mine. I heard some great interviews from the writers last year on NPR.

words words words said...

You can subscribe for $40 a year.

Or, the print version is distributed for free via newsboxes in Madison, Milwaukee, New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver/Boulder, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Washington, D.C.

I would LOVE to work there. I heard those NPR shows too, and unfortunately it seems very cliquey and nearly impossible to break in as an outsider.

Cora said...

Words, you did it for little ole me! Awwww!

Itchy and Scratchy mints, you say?! I had no idea they made Itchy and Scratchy mints. Too funny. I'm actually watching the Simpsons right now, oddly enough. Homer's Odyssey as a matter of fact. Not my favorite episode, but it will do. ;-)

Thank you for playing along!

words words words said...

Homer's Odyssey is pretty good...I like Homer with the rock around his neck. And interesting trivia: That was the only episode where Smithers was black.

As for the mints, the Fox store has all kinds of awesome goodies :)

Gwen said...

Drunk comment!

Your boss used to dry hump that bag; get your mints out of there.

red said...

Dude! Shine a Light is a good movie!

words words words said...

Red: Shine A Light IS a good movie! To me, that movie is the answer to everyone who says that bands need to age gracefully and that the Stones are dinosaurs. Does their new stuff measure up to their old stuff? No. (Although it's still decent.) Do they gouge you for every nickel? Yes. But they still bring it, and they still care about bringing it. And it's all there in the movie.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a red head! That's awesome. I LOVE red heads. Mostly because I already know what their pubes look like, but also because they are rare jewels in the black and white world we live in. A lot like Mexicans, only without the cultural stigma.

Moving along, I also bank at Wamu. In fact, I switched to Wamu from the loathsome Chase (as Chase has "cut off" times about which I could actually start an entire blog dedicated to bashing this retarded, albeit brilliant if I was a bank, method of swindling people out of their money). Then, lo and behold, Wamu gets bought out by my nemesis. Damn the luck.

Anyway, I love your mousepad too. I think a show called "Bagz" is a great idea. Don't you have connections and stuff? Make it happen! :)

words words words said...

Kimizzy: I don't know much about Chase, but I've had it with WaMu. About two years ago I opened a new savings account with them because they offered 5% interest "for life". Yeah, now it's 1%. Jackals.

And ahem, I am blond. It must be the light!

The Diva on a Diet said...

"Shine a Light" *and* Itchy and Scratchy?! I knew there was something liked about you, WWW.

SouthernBelle said...

The Onion rules.

Also, I think we could classify you as a "strawberry blond" - that's blond with a reddish tint, not quite the full ginger.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Stop the presses!!! MTV Bagz??!!! Brilliant.
Get my agent on the horn! This is a project I was made for.