Monday, August 4, 2008

I Started A Joke

...which started the whole world crying...

Well, that was the Bee Gees (or Faith No More, depending on your vintage). Untitled Blogger Project is here to make you laugh, not cry. Stories, lists, reviews, essays, rants and all kinds of assorted wiseassery will be on offer here at UBP.

We decided to go without a title, but there was no shortage of ideas for one, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Even though this is the first entry, we'd still like it to have some real content. This isn't like the first day of class when the professor hands out the syllabus and sets you free to do funnels. So without further ado, the list of rejected blog titles for Untitled Blogger Project!

1. Dancing With Myself
2. Baby Fishmouth
3. Your Ad Here
4. A Blog Named Sue
5. Read This Blog Or I'll Shoot This Dog
6. It's Blog! It's Blog! (It's Better Than Bad, It's Good!)

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Falwless said...

I feel like a proud mom when her little child goes off to school for the first time.

The design looks GREAT (colors are much better!).

I am adding you to my blogroll immediately. Don't disappoint me like you usually do.

Red said...

Baby Fishmouth is sweeping the nation.

The layout is lovely. It makes me think about coffee.

P.S. Will you please get rid of the word verification thing-y? Pretty please? I freaking that thing.

Dr Zibbs said...

Congrats on the blog. Falwless, my best friend sent me here. A few things to note: Firstly, there has to be at least 5-600 blogs on the ISH, so you've got a lot of competition. Use your time wisely. Secondly, I kind of run the internet - just ask Fal, so it's best to stay on my good side. Are we clear? Great. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm all over Baby Fishmouth, personally, but I kinda like "Read this Blog or I'll Shoot This Dog" too as I'm a mean, mean person.

(I like the doggies though)

Miss Falwless sent me. I learn all that is good in the world from her.

Anonymous said...

My teacher sent me here for an English class assignment, so I have to be here.

Kidding, I'm here because of Fally. But I'm adding you to my blogroll anyways.

Gwen said...

I like "A Blog Name Sue." Welcome to the internets. I'm here via Fal, too.

Falwless said...

When I read this I thought of you, for whatever reason. I guess I mean I read it and said, "Who would think this is as funny as I do? Fran! Fran would!"

Go read...

(P.S. What Red said above. Disable the word verification for comments pleeeeease? TY!)

BeckEye said...

Oooh, Fran. Your blog is showing. Hot.

I love Baby Fishmouth, too. Or you could've gone with White Man's Overbite.

words words words said...

Wow, being friends with Falwless works...I already have 8 comments! I feel like I cozied up to the mafia. I hope when she calls on me to "do a service" that it's not too distasteful. Now I just have to not disappoint everyone terribly :)

BTW, I disabled that stupid verification thing. I didn't realize it was on, and I apologize unreservedly.

Looks like I should have picked "Baby Fishmouth"! That's still the leading contender for what I title my production company. I like the idea of people having to say "Baby Fishmouth" when they answer the phone. Plus, as Red pointed out, it's sweeping the nation.

Mathdude said...

How about these for your blog's name: "Trying to Be Like, But Not As Good As Eating Chicken Vindaloo" (kinda wordy) or how about "Lots Better Than Lots Better Then Your Blog". Catchy, huh?

words words words said...

Dammit. "Lots Better Than Lots Better Then Your Blog" would have been perfect. Until Falwless ordered her kitten to steal my breath while I was asleep.

ÄsK AliCë said...

Dammit Falw sent me too. I was hoping to be original and say that I found you via the government agency that helps the witness protection program people. But I cannot tell a lie.

I like Read This Blog or I'll Shoot This Dog - it's catchy

Rachael said...

It's blog! It's blog! It's brash, it's funny, it's lewd?

Anonymous said...

I like the header and your layout.

Word to your moms.

Girl Interrupted said...

*Gives herself a boy's haircut, makes a snazzy outfit out of the drapes and starts to sing ... "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"*

It's 8.59am, I'm at work, eating toast and drinking tea with only the prospect of complete and utter tedium awaiting me for the rest of the day ... so since you're my favourite blogger (don't tell the Yak guy) I figure I'll alleviate my boredom by perusing your "back catalogue"

Don't panic, I won't comment on all your posts and dominate your inbox, just thought I'd tell you what I was up to ... it kinda feels like I'm rooting through your drawers (I really hope that word has the same meaning there as it has here =/ )

Have a happy Thursday =)

words words words said...

Girl: Don't be afraid to flood my inbox! (I hope THAT means the same thing in the UK.) I'm sitting here at work too, and I'd love to hear it!

P.S. "Rooting through your drawers" can have a very innocent or very cheeky meaning here...depends on how you say it ;)