Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The G-Chat Diaries

Falwless: hey, period goes inside quotes

me: I have heard that before. But it looks so fucking stupid that I refuse to do it.

Falwless: I KNOW

Falwless: I hate it too

Falwless: But I must.

Falwless: Because it is proper.

me: I deem it wrong though.

Falwless: lol

me: Are you watching these goddamn cheating Chinese?

Falwless: no.

Falwless: (btw you don't have to convince me, I agree it's dumb)

Falwless: (but it's proper)

me: I'm just arrogant enough to think that whoever made that rule made a mistake though. I'm going to keep doing it my way.

me: I want them to cut these little effing gymnasts in half and count the rings



Falwless: Dude why is your best writing in IMs?!??!?!?!?!?!?

me: I don't know.

Falwless: You should just say fuck it all and start posting transcripts

me: Maybe because I'm better at short things.

me: And you don't get shorter than a line in an IM

Falwless: I think you're right. You're awesome at one liners.

me: Maybe I'll post this transcript.

Falwless: oh dear, have I said anything off-color? Change my name to Mitsy.

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Dr Zibbs said...

That's pretty tame for Falwless. I picture her holding two fingers to her mouth when she wrote, "I hope I didn't say anything off color". Also what's with the berating of the grammer? You're trying to watch the Olympics and you've got the God damned English teacher busting your balls.

Falwless said...


Falwless said...

Listen, believe me, if I didn't point this shit out to him he would no longer be my friend. He's as anal as I am.

Falwless said...

Also, it's fucking "grammar," not "grammer."


Anonymous said...

What about the filthy transcripts, where are those?!?

Red said...

This is the laziest post ever.

Fal is right, though. Punctuation inside quotation marks...unless you want people to think you're British, and I'm pretty sure no one wants that.

BeckEye said...

Ah, you two remind me so much of the voices in my head.

Falwless said...

poo -- Those are not suitable to post, sorry.

words words words said...

Zibbs: Actually, I'm much more of an English ballbuster. That's why Fal took such delight in this.

Poo: I'm not that kind of boy.

Red: YOU try making a substantive post every day. Oh wait, you do. NM.

Beckeye: Is it getting crowded in there?

Anonymous said...

Punctuation definitely goes inside the parenthesis if the entire sentence is in parenthesis. But what if just the last portion of the sentence is parenthetical??

For example:

I just walked in on my little sister giving head (to my "mother").

Is it still supposed to go inside the parenthesis?

Help. Por favor.

words words words said...

m in sf: I'm not sure what the actual rule is, but whenever I'M giving head to your "mother", I definitely put the period outside the parentheses if only the last part of the sentence is parenthetical.

If that is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Anonymous said...

My "mother" says you do everything right.

And I obviously need to get my act together and figure out with to use parenthesIs and parenthesEs.

It's a rough life trying to be smart and correct all the time.

BeckEye said...

You gave head to someone's mother while she had her period? What?? God, you're sick.

words words words said...

Thanks, Beck. I'm so glad I'm only the third grossest person who's noted on this entry :)