Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We've had some laughs, but alas, it is finally time to choose a winner in WWW's Olympic Comment Contest. There were some hard chargers, but in the end there are only three medals to award. Let's see who stands atop the podium.

The bronze medal is awarded to Red of Gingers Is The Watchword. Not for any particular comment, but for her shameless whoring in an effort to win. Here at WWW, we respect competitiveness and ass-kissing. For her efforts, Red will receive this spiffy Certificate of Participation, suitable for framing.

The silver medal goes to BeckEye of The Pop Eye for her comment on the entry "Words On Assignment".

"Aren't all your former drunken hookups also relatives? Don't be redundant, dude."

BeckEye will receive a case of Turtle Wax and Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat.

The gold medal, the chintzy Olympic souvenir, and our hearty congratulations go to none other than MJenks of Vita Brevis. MJenks' winning comment appeared in the entry "Olympic Joke-Off":

"In a bit of movie magic, we see both Heath Ledger AND the Joker showing off their silver medals."

MJenks managed to not only imply that innocent bystander/ice dancer Meryl Davis looked like a man, but also a facially maimed homicidal psychopathic man. I respect this. In hoc signo vinces, my good man! Email me your address and your prize is on its way!

9 metawords:

red said...

Screw you. I'm hilarious.

Dude, how did you not take and post a picture of the prize?!

Oh, and thanks for the certificate. I'll hang it proudly in my office...maybe...if I remember to print it.

The Diva on a Diet said...

I'm with Red ... what, no picture??

Congrats to MJenks, that comment was gold-medal-worthy for sure!

Gwen said...

Congrats, jenks! You is a funny man.

BeckEye said...

Uh, I'm going to follow in that prissy Russian dude's footsteps and claim that I actually won the PLATINUM medal.

Soda and Candy said...

I can't believe I wasn't even nominated.

Oh wait, yes I can.

; )

Congrats winners!

MJenks said...

go ahead and claim that, Beckeye, because platinum (78) is still less than gold (79).

REBecca said...

A little cutting and pasting and that Red will easily become Reb. If that Chinese gymnast from the 2008 Summer Games can falsify her birth certificate, then I can fix up my own Certificate of Participation in your contest. It's the Olympic way.

Also, you should have thrown a little love in the direction of the Vegetable Assassin. She has forever changed the way I will view bobsledding.

Falwless said...

Listen, just because I never made a witty comment doesn't mean I shouldn't have won. WTF.

words...words...words... said...

Red: You are hilarious. Apparently you choke in the clutch, though. Pity. Although you are right, I totally should have taken a picture of the prize.

Diva: I know, I know. Rookie mistake.

Gwen: I am too!

Beckeye: Too bad you don't have a DeLorean...that would have won.

S&C: You were nominated IN HERE *points to heart*

Jenks: Good one, Nerdlinger!

Rebwhatever: The decision of the judges is final, and cheaters never prosper! Except in baseball.

Fal: Actually, that's exactly what it means.