Friday, February 12, 2010

Words On Assignment

Words...words...words... is hitting the road!

I'll be leaving today on a road trip to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I made some friends when I worked there a few years ago, and it's time to cash in on some favors! I love the Olympics because it is one of the few times that jingoism and xenophobia are embraced. I'll be attending a USA hockey game and a medal ceremony, as well as taking in the sights, sounds and smells1 of the Games. Make sure you bang it here for daily updates on what really goes on2 at the Olympics.

In commemoration of this august publication's first attempt at reporting, there will be a contest! Whoever leaves the best comment on any of the Olympic entries will win a yet-to-be-determined souvenir trinket.3 Comments will be judged on humor, relevance and fawning. Relatives, employees and former drunken hookups of WWW, Inc. are not eligible to win.4 All entries become the property of WWW, Inc.

In other news, when I return from Vancouver, I will be coming back to a new job! Despite the fact that the film in question is certain to be a steaming pile, there is much rejoicing5 throughout the land.

1. Hopefully not the smells.

2. I desperately hope something interesting goes on now that my cheese is publicly in the wind.

3. WWW, Inc. makes no guarantee about the quality of the trinket, except that it will be cheap.

4. Unless we like you.

5. Spending.

7 metawords:

The Diva on a Diet said...

Jingoism and xenophobia in the same sentence ... I give up, you win.

You're judging on humor? Damn, I'm screwed.

Have a blast, words, I'm envious!

p.s. - Congrats on the job!!

red said...

Woot! Have fun and drive safe!

Anonymous said...

Fawning? Would a sexy, studly young man like yourself with such wit and intelligence, judge on something so mundane?

It'll be sort of nice for you to be SPENDING loonies instead of just talking to them on here like you usually do. Have fun! No streaking.

180|360 said...

I've been waiting for someone to ask me to fawn them.

BeckEye said...

Aren't all your former drunken hookups also relatives? Don't be redundant, dude.

Cora said...

WTF?? You mean you're not driving all the way up here just to meet ME??



Anonymous said...

I waved when I thought I saw you go by. You MIGHT have been a seagull, however...