Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Hills Have Wangs

En route to Vancouver, I've stopped for the night in Red Bluff, California. Sounds pretty, right?


This little burg in the middle of nowhere is an episode of The Twilight Zone waiting to happen. For the last 45 minutes I drove in a dense, impenetrable and vaguely threatening fog. While getting settled in my room I heard the distinct sound of three gunshots not far away. And below, you'll see the access code for my hotel internet service.

In light of the fog and the gunshots, the code has me worrying what else this cursed town has in store for me. If I don't blog in several days, someone please notify the authorities. And a proctologist.

6 metawords:

MJenks said...

We'll tell the authorities to follow the sounds of the pig squealing.

Anonymous said...

My favorite post title ever.

Can't sign on,

SMU,Kid Becky

Anonymous said...

Should've continued on to Redding...still not good, but at least you'd have a better chance of someone hearing you scream while your internet connection is barebacking you in a hotel room.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that sure wasn't the sort of "access" you had in mind! Remember, the northwest WAS "Twin Peaks" country...

words...words...words... said...

MJenks: If I see Ned Beatty I'm getting the fuck out of there.

Steamy: The hills had hands too. So...many...hands.

Tales: Thank you for causing a nightmare in my near future with that vivid image.

Veggie: I think my assailants had been to see the Log Lady, if you know what I mean.

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