Monday, June 7, 2010

The Truth Makes Baby Jesus Giggle And Then Spit Up A Little

On Thursday, I participated in a meme where I had to list seven facts about me - six truths and one lie. Eight of you hazarded a guess as to which was the lie. ONE stands alone as the winner! Let's go down the list, shall we?

1. A flag has been flown over the U.S. Capitol Building in my honor.
Tammy, S&C, and Girl Interrupted all guessed #1. All were wrong! I am an Eagle Scout, and back in the day one of the perks was receiving a flag flown over the Big Nip to mark the occasion. Sadly, it's not such a special thing anymore. These days, any citizen can order one from your Senator or Representative. (But you'll have to pay for it!)

2. I have performed karaoke exactly once, and I won that evening's contest.
Zibbs, Gwen, 180/360 and Blogless Rebecca all guessed #2. All were wrong! One year for Halloween, I dressed as a member of Devo, complete with red flowerpot hat and whip. The bar we went to happened to have karaoke, and the host pleaded with me to sing "Whip It". After five or six beers and two hours of relentless needling, I succumbed. I rocked it out, whipped everything in sight, and won Eagles tickets. Sweet.

3. I have been proposed to. (Yes, by a girl. Jerks.)
Trinity wins! He was the only person to guess correctly. I remain un-proposed to, even by Gwen. I think she thought I said "propositioned".

4. My only D in school was in Algebra I.
True. My parents were so shocked I didn't even get in trouble. I think it might be partly because they laughed when I called the algebra teacher a goober.

5. I have played catch with Kevin Costner on more than one occasion.
True. I worked on one of the good movies he made.

6. My mother once told me I got laid off from my job because I skipped church.
True. First thing out of her mouth after I told her I was laid off. It's still the worst thing she's ever said to me.

7. I've seen a doctor three times in the last 12 years.
True. It's hard to go to the doctor when you don't have insurance. Not because it's too expensive, but because if they find anything it will never be covered.

Thanks for playing, and congrats to Trinity!

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Cora said...

Gah! I was wrong. Shoot! So, tell me more about playing catch with Kevin....

Trinity said...

Hells Yes! I just had this intuition about it. Sweet.

Tammy said...

Meh, I'll take being wrong about that one. I mean really, it should be flattering that only one person thought you being proposed to is bullshit. See, I can believe that some girl was smitten enough with you to pop the question. So there.

Soda and Candy said...

I still maintain I was technically correct since the flag was not specifically for you.

; )

words...words...words... said...

Cora: He has a strong arm. I'll say no more.

Trinity: I wonder if your victory is indicative that only other guys know how unlikely it is that a woman proposes to a man.

Tammy: Making me blush does not affect the results!

S&C: Oh, but it was! Back when it was a restricted honor it was flown specifically for the person in question. I think there were like 7 situations in which you could be so honored. But now that any yahoo with $50 can get one, it's not flown specifically for you.

Girl Interrupted said...

Trinity won?


Ps: It's NOT that I'm a bad loser, I just really, really like winning.

Gwen said...

Will you marry me?

words...words...words... said...

Girl: "Meh" is no way to salute the triumph of your #1 blogchum. I think you ARE a bad loser!

Gwen: How many goats does your family have to offer in dowry? I now have two proposals arising from this meme.

180|360 said...

You're a better man than me, Words! I've never karaoked.

Gwen said...

No goats, but Father says I can offer you a case of Canadian whiskey and a handful of magic mushrooms. If you really need a goat to close this deal, I'll steal one from the zoo tonight.

Rebecca said...

I'll assume you not asking me about my dowry means you need no further incentive to marry me.

words...words...words... said...

180/360: You should! I guarantee you have a better voice than I do.

Gwen: No poachers! Although if the whiskey were Irish I would be tempted.

Rebecca: I know for a fact your family owns no goats. You were out from the start.

Living Shallow, Living Well said...

I never guess these games right so it's best I didn't play. I'm the one who always guesses the obvioulsy worst answer.