Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun With Camera Phones, Vol. 2

After ten years of using, watching and dodging golf carts at work, I finally encountered the Holy Grail of cart-related buffoonery - a car vs. golf cart accident!

Someone I work with was pulling into their parking spot on the lot when a golf cart screamed around a corner like it was 11:58 and they were trying to return a movie to Blockbuster.1 The path of the cart was perpendicular to the car, so the cart had to swerve to avoid T-boning it. Swerve it did...right into a concrete wall. We heard it immediately from our office, and rushed out expecting to see two crumpled cars. Instead we saw a golf cart against the wall with the windshield in pieces on the ground and the driver looking spooked and sheepish, which is a really difficult combination of looks to pull off. Curiously, he didn't drive off in the cart. He put the broken pieces of windshield in the bed and wandered off without it. I hope he didn't think he was going to get away with it, because eventually someone was going to wonder where the golf cart went.

The silver car in the foreground is the car that almost got hit.
In the bed you can see the broken windshield, and in the
back you can see building 732, where I work.

I'm actually surprised I haven't seen this before. Golf carts at movie studios are used about 50% for legitimate work and 50% for tomfoolery. Kind of like the cop car in Superbad. People take corners on two wheels, people race them2, and if you happen to work at Universal people drive up to the road used for the studio tour and buzz trams full of tourists. It's pretty fun - if you wave at one of the trams, everyone will whisper, point and take photos while trying to figure out if you're famous. Unless you crash while they're watching. Then they probably just point and laugh.

On the wall you can see the mark the tire made
when the cart slammed into it.

1. I used to be a Blockbuster manager, and I saw more reckless driving there between 11:55 and midnight than I've seen the whole rest of my life combined.

2. It's especially fun to race them at the studio I work for now. Most places put something called a "governor" on the carts to restrict their speed, but my current place of employment does not. So it's likely that the moron in this case was going upwards of 20 miles per hour.

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Soda and Candy said...

I need a golf cart. A pink one, with rims.

That is all.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Why can't I have a job that requires doing things by golf cart? I could rock that job. Whenever I visit my friend in Tampa it's traditional that I drive her golf cart from her house to the club house for alcoholic refreshment. Since she lives in a gated, private community you can drink your ass off then drive home in your golf cart with a beer in the drink holder if you like. It's satisfyingly defiant. Slow as hell but satisfying. So long as you don't take a corner too fast and end up in an alligator pond...

Trinity said...

Golf carts are always fun to play on and make me want to take up golf.

And S&C stole my sign off. Bad S&C. Bad.

red said...

I've never been on a golf cart. I feel my life is less complete for it...or something.

Cora said...

A-HA!! Now I know where you work!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!