Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sheshe Taggedtagged Meme

I got tagged with my very first meme! I suppose I'm officially a blogger now. Kimmie from the mouthwateringly delicious food blog KimDeC did the honors, and thank God she did. I haven't made an entry in days, and frankly, I got nothin'. This will help me skate a few more days.

This meme asks you for your favorites in the following categories...

  • CLOTHES - I'm casual. Very casual. I like jeans, cargo shorts, t-shirts and hoodies. I do enjoy dressing up for the right occasion, like funerals and parole hearings. But I have no dress code at work, which means I tend to wear what's comfortable most of the time.
  • FURNITURE - I am a man, so I actually don't know if I have an opinion here. I like furniture that is comfortable and matches my apartment's color scheme of brown and red. I suppose one thing I do like is a loveseat that I can stretch out on with my laptop.
  • SWEET - Anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate. I'm also fond of ice cream, doughnuts and tiramisu.
  • CITY - Vancouver. The perfect mix of cosmopolitan big city and natural beauty. Clean, friendly, and smells like outside. I also love Dublin and, even though I was only there two days, Seattle.
  • DRINK - Jameson Irish whiskey, straight up. I also like dark hoppy beers and dry red wines. I don't often drink mixed cocktails, but when I do I like mojitos and Manhattans.
  • MUSIC - It's impossible to talk about my favorite music in such a limited space. But I'll give it a go and say my favorites are blues, 60s soul, and power chord-laden cock rock. My favorite band is either U2 or The White Stripes depending on my mood.
  • TV SERIES - The Simpsons, first and forever. My other favorites are The Twilight Zone, Cheers, Seinfeld, SNL, Moonlighting, and Jeopardy. My favorite current shows are 30 Rock, The Office, Pushing Daisies and Chuck.
  • FILM - Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's the movie that made me want to make movies. I was 11 when it came out and a girl I had a crush on grabbed my hand during the scary parts. A career was born!
  • WORKOUT - Hahahaha. Wait, really? Okay. I hate working out at the gym, but I love playing sports. Sadly, all my friends are comic book and movie nerds, so that means I don't get as much exercise as I should.
  • PASTRIES - Chocolate croissants. The end.
  • COFFEE - I love a good strong cappucino. The best coffee in the entire world is at Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver. Their espresso is almost chocolatey, and I swear they make the lattes with actual liquid velvet.
I think everyone I know has actually already been tagged with this meme...except for one person who's been neglecting their blog...

That's right, snooze, you lose!

10 metawords:

BeckEye said...

Actually, Dan already tagged me with this. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

Falwless said...


You had me at "chocolate croissants."

Okay, fine, you had me at "Sheshe." Whatever. Semantics.

Dr Zibbs said...

The Simpsons are the shit. The only action figure I ever collected - and still have are the Simpoons. I have about 100 (in my attic and maturing like a fine, plastic wine). Oh yeah - I also have homies if you know what they are.

Anonymous said...

*Coffee coming out of nose*


Gwen said...

Behind every great man is a scared 11 year old girl.

Poobomber said...

Yeah, c'mon Becks, get cracking!

Raiders of the Lost Ark had the same effect on me, I remember running around brambles in the back yard thinking I was going to film the next Indy movie. That was last week.

words words words said...

What I Learned Today:

Beckeye is lazy.
Falwless likes chocolate croissants.
Zibbs collects dolls.
Kimmie hates Moonlighting.
Gwen was a scared 11-year old girl.
Poobomber has a HUGE backyard.

ÄsK AliCë said...

*cries herself to sleep yet again waiting to be tagged*

~E said...

Drink: Irish Whiskey...

Whiskey, which is the same as bourbon except unfiltered and not from Kentucky!

HA!!! I do pay attention (sometimes) and I do know a lot of (useless) stuff. Take that you damned shrinks!

Anonymous said...

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