Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1,000 UPB Fans Can't Be Wrong

Sometime over the last week, Untitled Blogger Project received its 1000th site visit!

(Insert tasteful and classy fanfare here)

I'd like to thank everyone that made this possible, mostly me. Nothing I've ever written has been seen by this many people, other than the time I spray painted "Go Phillies" on that cop car and it wound up on the news.*

To celebrate, here are a few interesting facts about some of those 1000 people who have seen fit to visit:

1. I receive an alarming number of hits where the length of visit is recorded as zero seconds. I can only surmise that these people have a phobia of the color brown. Thanks for giving it a fair chance, folks!

2. I have a disproportionately large number of visits from Oregon and Alberta. I know one person in Oregon and none in Alberta. I'm really hoping that I'm the David Hasselhoff of Alberta and that I'm wildly popular there for no good reason. That would be tremendous.

3. I'm fairly certain that if Falwless, Dr. Zibbs and Fancy Schmancy did not pimp me on their blogs, my hit count would be holding steady at six (6). I would include Beckeye, since I was once the Firecrotch Of The Month, but that was before I had a blog to pimp and I was going by the mysterious nom de plume "fran".

4. Yes, I included that last bit just because I wanted to boast that I was Firecrotch Of The Month.

5. No fewer than EIGHT people have found my blog (specifically this post) by using the search term "kim jong il jacket". It could be many more than eight, but I didn't start counting until I noticed it was a trend. And they weren't all the same person, either. These people all had different IPs, some as far away as Sweden. If I had any idea that dictator haberdashery was such a topic of interest, I would have turned this into an entirely different sort of blog.

* Yes, I made my obligatory Phillies reference. As I will continue to do until they win the World Series despite the best efforts of metorologists, Bud Selig and God Himself to prevent it.

12 metawords:

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for correctly using the words "pimp" and "Dr Zibbs" in the same sentence.

As for traffic, mine goes up every week. I know it's because of the absurd number of blogs I comment on.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Yes, I am here because Falwless pimped you, I will admit it.

Yesterday I had 101 page views, the first 100+ total in ages. It happens when I comment on Charlie Brooker's blog in the Guardian and add a link. My blog is based on* an idea of his, so it makes sense that his fans would like me.

*stolen from.

Ivy said...


Do you get page views when I read you on my RSS reader?

Poobomber said...

Whatever you do, don't post things about some semi obscure being naked. The Google searches about them will never end.

Some Guy said...

Congrats! I, too, am a member of Falwless' stable. Her pimp hand is strong.

As for me, I get most of my visits from people searching for "Sandy Duncan's Glass Eye". It amazes me how many people are actively searching for info on that subject.

Red said...

Yay you! You should get one of those "I'm Big in Japan" shirts except have it say "I'm Huge in Alberta." That'll get you noticed for sure.

Fancy Schmancy said...

That's funny, I came the first time because of the Kim Jong Il jacket on Falwless's blog, and stayed for the intelligent, amusing content.

ÄsK AliCë said...

*ahem* I'm in Alberta - but I'm not stalking you. I swear...

Can you put that spider plant back by the couch? It's sorta blocking the window now.


BeckEye said...


I'm taking you off my blogroll immediately, seeing as how I don't count and all. Fucker.

Falwless said...

Everything I touch turns to gold.

Falwless said...

Did I say "gold?" I meant "shit." Turns to shit. Beware.

Anonymous said...

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